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Mon, Nov 28th 2005

...and, as some of you know, my convalescense has continued well into October and November. Up to today, I have kept the site functional, even if I've been unable to respond in a timely manner.

We're now going to start rebuilding and updating the site. Lian Li PC-7Plus packages will be available; e-mail for details. And, we're back to attempting to locate a suitable basic case like the IC-8000, only without the left side "Prescott" mods.

On November 23rd we made some changes to our DSL and Telco services. The two previous numbers--763-479-6248, 763-479-3099--are no longer in use by us. For phone calls, please use 763-479-2895; you'll get a tape if we don't answer.

And, for the moment, please copy any correspondence you send to us at [email protected] to [email protected] That should ensure I see it in a timely manner.

Thu, Sep 1st 2005

Well, that planned absense of ten or so days ended up being stretched out to nearly the whole month. By way of explanation--surgery recovery took longer than I had anticipated.

As of today, September 1st, I have been able to get back to the desk for a couple hours' work each day, and have cleaned out the junk e-mail. Now we're working on the order shipments and correspondance.

If you've placed an order in the month of August, and have not received the order or an e-mail comment from me on the order, e-mail again.

Thanks for your patience; we should be pretty well up to speed by Tuesday, September 6th.

Jim H.

Thu, Aug 4th 2005

I'm going to be away from the computer for about ten days. During that period we will continue to ship our orders-in-process, but we will not be processing new orders or answering e-mail--

Thanks for your patience; see you about the 15th of August!

Jim H.

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LX-6A19 (D8000)- Modified and Stock

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PC-610 Modified and Stock

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